1. Greeting. Parting. Making Acquaintance. Introducing
2. Information About
a Person
3. Information About a Family. Conversations in a Family
4. Place of Living
5. Where is…? How to Find…? How to Get to…?
6. At the Bus Station, at the Train Station, at the Airport
7. Work and Studies
8. Everyday Situations: at the Post Office, in the Bank, in the Workshops, etc.
9. In the Public Institution
10. In the Hospital, Health Centre, Pharmacy
11. In the Sports Centre, Swimming Pool, Stadium
12. Shopping in the Market
13. Shopping for Food in the Supermarket
14. In the Footwear and Clothing Store
15. At the Cinema, Theatre, Exhibition, Concert
16. At the Cafe, Dance Club
Phrase Dictionary for Printing
in Latvian (PDF)